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 The perfect summer Sunday! #keepcool #cocofriosummer
 Cheers to the weekend #cocofrio style!
 Aussie owned, vegan friendly and lactose free, what more do you need in your life?  #locoforcoco
 Coconuts and custard tarts with @hellococofrio Find the recipe on our website at:
 Vegan Iced coffee from the team @wearecombi  Yes, it’s made with our #nakedcoconut
 Simple summer dessert! #mango, #lychee and naked #cocofrio! We think it’s perfection
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 Cheers to the New year! #newyearnewyou #dontsweatthesmallstuff #chocraspberryswirl
 Sending out all our love and happiness to the @hellococofrio family! We are wishing everyone a positive and healthy New Year! ❣️
 Summer smoothie bowls, all that’s missing is @hellococofrio  #summer #smoothiebowl #fruity
 Aussie summers call for @hellococofrio

Cocofrio. Guilt-free ice cream indulgence with a naturally healthy difference.

Ice cream never tasted better. Cocofrio is Australia’s all-natural, dairy-free and gluten-free ice cream. Made in Melbourne, with coconut milk and other organic ingredients. Cocofrio marks a new beginning in healthy living.
Worry no more about dairy. Even if you are not vegan or lactose-intolerant, you still have many tasty and healthy reasons to choose Cocofrio ice cream. Coconut milk based and sweetened with organic brown rice malt syrup, Cocofrio is an Epicurean delight and a healthy choice.
Enjoy oodles of mouth-watering flavours. Tasted and tested by food experts and health enthusiasts. Cococfrio is the ice cream for everyone.
Cocofrio coconut milk ice cream is not just an alternative. It is as good as or even better than regular dairy ice cream. Just one scoop and you will soon start a lifelong tradition.

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